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August, world of waterbiking article:

Human Powered Boats World Championship
in Eutin, 21-22 July 2001

by: Leo de Vries  

This is the first article of our homepage. It is a report of the alternative for the World Championship in England which was held in Eutin, Germany, 21 and 22 July 2001 at the "Eutiner Wasserspektakel".


Thanks go to Andreas Schlief of the Human Powered Vehicle Association, HPV Germany, who made it all possible, together with his organisation, in just three weeks. Because of the foot and mouth disease the organisers in England decided quite early to chancel the event. Although the world championship in England was still hoped for, finally the organising itself was likely to become a problem. Andreas saw the opportunity to move the world championship to Germany. However, time was! Just three weeks to organise the event and invite as many teams as possible.

Andreas Schlief
The German organisation was able to reach most teams that competed one year ago and a few others. The preparation of the boats and teams was the next challenge.
Luckily many teams managed it in time. At the event in Eutin a group of 19 enthusiastic teams with their human powered boats showed up at the starting line, read to meet the competition!! Teams came from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy and The Netherlands and the weather was just great.
Besides the good organisation, the teams had a very nice spot for camping, just next to the water. Eutin has a kind of bay and there were many stalls for getting nice food and water related information from the costal lifeguards, ship-model builders, diving clubs and a water-skiing club who even had a short skiing track for trying out. Also the place was very nice for the audience to see the races from a close distance. Look how the people are fascinated by the high tech boats, like Wet Wing slowly coming from out of the air and landing back on the water again after the 100 metre sprint:

Wet Wing
At the Finish of the 100m sprint: Wet Wing (click to enlarge)

Participating teams

The teams with their human powered boats that participated are listed in the next table:

Number Boat's name Country Owner
1 Wet Wing Germany Jochen Ewert
2 MacBath The Netherlands Delft Waterbike Technology
3 Surfbike (Nickel) Germany Helge Nickel
4 Froude Interceptor Germany TU Hamburg-Harburg
5 Festo Germany Ingo Schoffer
6 Azubi Power Germany Daimler Chrysler Hamburg- Harburg
7 Alma Maria Great Britain Tyson Rigg
8 Festo Germany Ingo Schoffer
9 Paul v. Lšmmersieth Germany TU Hamburg-Harburg
10 Velociraptor Germany Univ. Flensburg
11 Max Germany Heiko Stebbe
12 Spiderman Austria Johann Kilzer
13 F20 Germany Jochen Triloff
14 Close To Perfection Germany Univ. Duisburg
15 Festo (short) Germany Ingo Schoffer
16 L'Ordegno Italy Univ. TriŽste
17 Clementine Germany TU Hamburg-Harburg
18 Surfbike (Trempek) Germany Sven Trempek
19 Drehwurm Germany Reich/Wiese

For an overview of most of the boats, click here.

The Races
The human powered boat teams could compete in six different disciplines. Every discipline has it's own difficulties and to design a boat that meets the design requirements to win is very difficult because of the complexity of the optimal human, boat and propulsion combination.
The disciplines are:

  • 100 metre sprint: just go as quick as you can, all the power you have to boost in just several seconds;
  • Slalom: Steer the boat as close to the boys and keep up the speed as high as possible;
  • Long-distance, 10 kilometre: Good condition and a low hull resistance can increase your chance to win;
  • Bollard-pull: A line is connected to the boat and all leg-power has to be transferred to the water in order to generate the largest pulling power possible;
  • Special trial: This a secret mission, just go and keep your head cool.

Of course the starts and finishes are very important, therefore digital measurement equipment is used to determine the correct time. Besides the measurement of the elapsed time, a good starting signal is an essential part of the race too. The organisation had a very good preparation for this procedure too. They invited a the German minister, to take place in the starting boat!
She was very concentrated at the the moment where boats were floating at the start while cyclist were ready to go.

The minister: Last "gun" instructions before the start (click to enlarge)

The races were spectacular for the audience. Heavy combat took place between the boats and although teams are friendly to each other, during the races the only thing that matters is win from your competitors.

Wide view from the water
Wide view from the water, lots of people (click to enlarge)  

Race Results

We are happy to tell you that there is a new European record in the class of flying boats for the 100m Flying Start Sprint. It were Ernst Eschbach (cyclist) and Jochen Ewert (designer and builder) with "Wet Wing" . The time: look at the board of the "time machine"!
The orange persons are the IHPVA officials Christian Meyer and (Andreas Schlief).

Wet Wing next to the time board, (click to enlarge)
From left to right: Andreas Schlief (IHPVA),Christian Meyer (IHPVA), 
Ernst Eschbach (Wet Wing) and Jochen Ewert (Wet Wing)

Congratulations with this fantastic time of 16.33 seconds!!
That averages to 22.05 km/hr, 13.69 mph, or 11.91 knots.

Another great defeat was accomplished by the TriŽste Waterbike Team with L'Ordegno. They broke Close to Perfection's previous displacement boat European record for the 100m Flying Start Sprints, they established a time of 18.02 seconds!! That averages to
19.98 km/hr, 12.41 mph, or 10.79 knots.

TriŽste Waterbike Team
TriŽste Waterbike Team at high speed (click to enlarge)

It's just amazing that two records have been surpassed. Is it because of the smooth water in Eurin with a low friction? Could be, both teams focused on every detail quite a lot. Probably the fine-tuning of the boats and the good condition of the bikers played a significant role.  Everything was prepared very carefully before the races.

Next an overview of all boats is given per discipline. Note: the secret mission isn't. This was a burn-our race, won by Close to Perfection. Alma Maria became second and L'Ordegno became third.  

Results 100m sprint
Placement number Boat's name time
1 1 Wet Wing(1) 0:16,87
2 16 L'Ordegno(2) 0:18,02
3 14 Close To Perfection 0:19,13
4 5 Festo 0:25,85
5 2 MacBath 0:26,13
6 6 Azubi Power 0:26,25
7 8 Festo 0:27,34
8 10 Velociraptor 0:29,05
9 17 Clementine 0:31,02
10 18 Surfbike (Trempek) 0:33,13
11 12 Spiderman 0:33,69
12 7 Alma Maria 0:33,89
13 15 Festo (short) 0:34,11
14 3 Surfbike (Nickel) 0:45,40
15 13 F20 0:49,80
16 4 Froude Interceptor 1:00,56

Results Slalom
Placement Number Boat's name Time
1 16 L'Ordegno 01:17,4
2 12 Spiderman 01:31,2
3 18 Surfbike (Trempek) 01:33,3
4 1 Wet Wing 01:35,7
5 15 Festo (short) 01:39,6
6 17 Clementine 01:51,6
7 10 Velociraptor 01:52,9
8 14 Close To Perfection 01:55,2
9 7 Alma Maria 02:05,8
10 13 F20 02:43,9
11 4 Froude Interceptor 03:48,3
12 19 Drehwurm 05:33,8
13 11 Max 06:11,0

Results Bollard-pull
Placement number Boat's name Force [N]
1 14 Close To Perfection 1130
2 17 Clementine 1050
3 4 Froude Interceptor 780
4 16 L'Ordegno 490
5 10 Velociraptor 470
6 12 Spiderman 350
7 6 Azubi Power 340
8 15 Festo (short) 220
9 1 Wet Wing 210
10 8 Alma Maria 210
11 18 Surfbike (Trempek) 160


Results long-distance, 10 km
Placement Number Boat's name time
1 16 L'Ordegno 050:11
2 14 Close To Perfection 056:36
3 5 Festo 057:39
4 6 Azubi Power 061:47
5 10 Velociraptor 064:13
6 18 Surfbike (Trempek) 083:13
7 12 Spiderman 083:43
8 7 Alma Maria 084:30
9 4 Froude Interceptor 045:44(1)
10 11 Max 061:22(1)
11 17 Clementine -(2)
12 13 F20 -(2)

(1): finished earlier, (2): didn't finish

Results special trial
Placement Number Boat's name time
1 16 L'Ordegno 01:01,1
2 12 Spiderman 01:01,3
3 15 Festo (short) 01:02,2
4 8 Festo 01:06,4
5 5 Festo 01:12,9
6 14 Close To Perfection 01:24,5
7 10 Velociraptor 01:29,1
8 17 Clementine 01:29,2
9 7 Alma Maria 01:32,2
10 4 Froude Interceptor 02:18,5
11 13 F20 02:51,0
12 11 Max 03:09,1



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